Zukunft Brussels
Zukunft Brussels
May 23, 2015
11:00 pm
Rue des Capucins 63

PARRA FOR CUVA live + dj set [Lenient Tales/ Traum Schallplatten]

NHAR live [My Favorite Robot/ Days of Being Wild]

Pierre Passion
Fady One

Visual intervention by Nagi Gianni


Bazaar Club
Rue des Capucins, 63
1000 Brussels
11pm – 6am: 10€


Nicolas Demuth aka Parra for Cuva grew up in a small town in Lower Saxony (Germany), which he left right after his A- levels to study sound design in the wild, vibrant Berlin. The various musical influences of the city only boosted his already strong fascination in producing electronic music and helped developing his unique sound. More so his long years of playing classical and jazz piano help him transfer his visions. Also of great importance is his long lasting friendship with singer Anna Naklab, whose voice stands in perfect symbiosis to his compositions. “Serene and relaxed within the last bone”, as blog author Bianca Werner put it so eloquently, well describes their collaborations.
In the spring of 2013 Parra for Cuva & Anna Naklab released their ‘Fading Nights’ EP on the french label Delicieuse Musique Records followed by more and leading to the release of „Wicked Games“ on Spinnin’ Records in September 2013. With great music to come, Parra for Cuva not only wants to get people dancing when playing his live-set, but abduct them into a world of sound and harmony.
After years of continuing growth and consistent perfection of his sound characteristics his first album ’’Majouré’’ will be released in 2014.


Electronic music is a secret and complex art: It lives on chaos and paradoxes, clashed histories and dark sides. So is Nhar’s musical algorithm.

Coming from the flourishing southern techno scene, the artist has developed a personal universe on the fringes of techno and minimal house on labels such as Modélisme, Mobilee, Plak or Correspondant.
This sphere of activities takes us back to several legacies including, first of all, the original scene, which served as a big bang to electronic music in France. Indeed, Nhar awakens to electronic thanks to the southern rave scene, which since the early nineties is one hub of a kind in Europe owing to its leading events (Boréalis, Dragon Bal) and hyperactive collectives.

Drummer in a metal band until he was seventeen, the artist then plunged into that breeding ground of activists and artists: the right time to combine the best tendencies from a booming European scene at that time. Soon he composed his first tracks.

Nhar’ style: a deep and hypnotic techno emphasized with a spectral voice. It conveys an original flavour to the tracks, a kind of “melancholy euphoria” retaining a vivid but ghostly hint of humanity. Until then, it has become the producer’s trademark: a vocal chaudfroid establishing, on the artist instructions, a connection with his early dark-sounding musical background. So new influences have been added to electronic parameters such as those heard on Close Up, a groovy and at the same time almost neo-romantic track or Thelema, signed on Correspondant Jennifer Cardini’s new label: “instead of composing countless tracks of tech house and cold minimal, I’d rather turn towards more authentic trends”. Like Dante, mentioned on the eponymous track, Nhar explores, with a deep voice against a background of enveloping electronic music, untapped resources of human emotions.